Sunday, 29 June 2008

Technical Overview of the Matrix

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
1. Grid
Human-techno integrated global computing system. Large part of the Grid is comprised of the Internet.

2. Matrix
This is the collective human consciousness (the psyche) caught in the perceived gap between the human mind and the technology. The purpose of the Matrix is to ensure human beings become more dependent and more integrated with the technology. Thus ensuring they are more susceptible to manipulation.

3. Cognitive Hack
These are points in the matrix where human beings are psychologically most susceptible to suggestibility and other forms of vulnerability.

4. Cognitive Hacker
Some call them the Illuminati, others free masons, black hats, politicians, gatekeepers, executives. They are creators of cognitive hacks.

5. Pathological Analysis
This is the activity of identifying patterns as layed down in the Matrix by cognitive hackers.

6. Competitive Intelligence
This is the professional business term for those who fight cognitive wars in the name of commercial stakeholders. CI professionals use all the above concepts to protect shareholders.

7. Brand Killer Robots
These are pervasive themes that expose pieces of the whole matrix illusion.

8. Matrix Hackers
Hackers and Producers of theme robots for getting the truth out about the Matrix.
Matrix Hackers use Salvador Dali's Surrealist technique paranoiac-critical method to expose pathological threats to the world organization.

Paranoiac-critical method is the ability of the brain to perceive links between things which rationally are not linked. DalĂ­ described the paranoiac-critical method as a "spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectivity of the associations and interpretations of delirious phenomena."

Dali said "I believe that the moment is at hand when by a paranoiac and active advances of the mind it is possible (simultaneously with automatism and other passive states) to systematize confusion and thus help to discredit completely the world of reality.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Abstract Mathematics - Calculating uncertainty before you get to certainty?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Ok, we had a small encounter the other day when we were hit by a storm of traffic to this Blog - much of which was accompanied by the most vicious of comments to the editor regarding our statement that 1 + 1 can in fact equal 74 (1+1=74).

Thank you, thank you, thank you - for we believe that we have hit a nerve. When supposed rational minds are challenged with thinking beyond the walls of their cosy certainty, rejection is the first natural response, followed by further investigation, followed by even greater vitriol - until finally satisfied that there are no answers beyond the obvious and that they have taken their revenge - they retire back into their cosy hidy holes again. Where 1 + 1 always equals 2.

So why does this make a difference in the world of mathematics? Why does abstract maths really differ from any other form of maths.?

Ok, so here is the answer.

Conventional maths thinking is based on " the certain world". Abstract maths is based on "the uncertain world".

In a certain world you can measure the height of something at any point in time. In an uncertain world you can't measure the height of something at any point in time - if sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not there.

So the application we considered in our orginal article suggested that the organisation in question did not add up until 72 major risks had been mitigated. Therefore the state of the organisation and relative mathematics formulae was 1 + 1 = 74. By reducing the state of uncertainty by 72 risks, you reach a state of certainty - zero major risks.

In other words - You reach a world where 1 + 1 = 2.

In fact the formula should be
if x not equal 2, then
While x not equal 2
decrement x by 1
now go back to beginning while statement (until x not equal 2)
Once x = 2 - end program

1 + 1 = 2

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Brand Hackers to kick back in name of UK Petrol Consumers!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We understand that there are moves afoot to slow the manic progression of oil prices at the pumps. The protaganists have designed a measure that would effectively have every consumer in the UK boycotting both ESSO and BP pertrol stations. Their mission is to push back on the two primary oil companies with a view to triggering a slow down in prices at the pumps and a potential price war between suppliers, thereupon reducing prices down as far as 65p per litre. Down from £1.20 per litre.

The tactic for encouraging these circumstances is recorded below.

Dear All,

This idea makes a lot of sense, it gives some power back to individuals like us when they group their efforts to face a major challenge that would normally be beyond their control.

See what you think and please pass it on if you agree with it.

We are hitting £1.25 a litre for petrol and £1.30p diesel in some areas now, soon we will be faced with paying £2 a ltr. A friend of a friend offered this great idea:

This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the 'don't buy petrol on a certain day campaign that was going around last April or May! The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to hurt ourselves by refusing to buy petrol. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them. BUT, whoever thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can really work.

Please read it and join in!

Now that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to think that the cost of a litre is CHEAP, we need to take aggressive action to teach them that BUYERS control the market place not sellers. With the price of petrol going up more each day, we consumers need to take action. The only way we are going to see the price of petrol come down is if we hit someone in the pocket by not purchasing their Petrol! And we can do that WITHOUT hurting ourselves.

Here's the idea:
For the rest of this year DON'T purchase ANY petrol from the two biggest oil companies (which now are one), ESSO and BP.
If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact we need to reach literally millions of Esso and BP petrol buyers. It's really simple to do!!
Now, don't wimp out at this point... keep reading and I'll explain how simple it is to reach millions of people!!

I am sending this note to a lot of people. If each of you send it to at least ten more (30 x 10 = 300)... and those 300 send it to at least ten more (300 x 10 = 3,000) ... and so on, by the time the message reaches the sixth generation of people, we will have reached over THREE MILLION consumers! If those three million get excited and pass this on to ten friends each, then 30 million people will have been contacted! If it goes one level further, you guessed it... ..

Again, all You have to do is send this to 10 people. That's all.(and not buy at ESSO/BP) How long would all that take? If each of us sends this email out to ten more people within one day of receipt, all 300 MILLION people could conceivably be contacted within the next 8days!!! Acting together we can make a difference . If this makes sense to you, please pass this message on.

It's easy to make this happen. Just forward this email, and buy your petrol at Shell, Asda,Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons Jet etc. i.e.
Boycott BP and Esso