Sunday, 4 May 2008

Who is this "God" you speak of?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

Question to BKR:
Who is this "God" you speak of?

Answer from BKR:
God is the one that was there when you were alone
Alone in that dark room
Alone, waiting for the scarey one to come in
And when the scarey one left
God was the one that was still there holding your hand
Still smiling, lovingly into your heart

And you did not kill yourself
You did not kill another
You did not go mad
But you did find God

Response from Questioner:
what fucking Bullshit!.. if you are alone in a room.. by definition,, YOU ARE ALONE IN A ROOM!. how hard is that to work out, you bleeding divvy. you didn't kill cause you're not a killer, you didn't go mad as you're not insane. don't you understand, God is STOPPING you from being human, thinking you only act in certain ways cause of a god [I won't do like you did and claim there is only ONE.. just because to me there aren't any!.]put it this way, if I was alone in a dark room and a god grabbed my hand, it'd probably be the last thing they ever touched... your god might be all powerful, but I am my own god and slightly more powerful through MY OWN CHOICES!
<. no matter how you word your bible bashing religious recruitment speeches, at the end of the day, they are still preaching crap rather than life. .you can try make them sound as hip and cool as you want with words like 'Matrix Hackers!.. but I am afraid I see through you and as long as I'm around, I will warn vulnerable of the dangers of cults... and playing with peoples heads... at the moment between you and moral man, you both don't really seem to have anything credible other than warped opinions and silly little ditties from other forums... but you both certainly have an agenda

Response to Questioner:
We are all one Questioner
The good the bad and the ugly
We are all one and God lives through us and between us
God is that which binds all of mankind
God is love
That is what i have learnt in my life
That is what i have come to know in my dark times

The Matrix only exists as a device to present the uglyness in our world
The way to beat the Matrix, is to look away from it
And stand side by side with human kind
Use the hands and mind to further the cause of God, of love
To spread love to every corner of this world

And then they will defeated
And there will be no more fear
And we will all know again
That we are the One

And God lives strong through us

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