Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Intelligence Sayings from Brand Killer Robots!

Brand Killer Robots says::

Why do you need intelligence training, if you are intelligent?

Why do you need a competitive intelligence unit? Is it because your management team are not intelligent?

Why do you need competitive intelligence training? Aren't you inspired enough to the beat the crap out of the competition?

Stupid little problems, make stupid little people.

Exciting challenges, make exciting, inspired and smart people.

The man with the big stick - is the man who respects no intelligence, bar his own. Which isn't very intelligent.

Bring the big stick and the intelligence evaporates.

Place intelligence in a dark smelly hole, with flies, shit and hoovers and you have todays high-tech office environments.

To many 'cocks' (stupid people) spoil the broth.

The man with the money, might look intelligent. But how much of what he earn't was created through intelligence - and how much by being an ignorant, ugly and hated moron?

You can choke on money, but you cannot choke on intelligence. It can give you a headache though.

He was the smartest one in the class, but the dumbest one in life.

One man cannot rule the world, but he can destroy the world.

Science: Man creates monsters to destroy the monsters it created already

Stephen Ryan
Brand Killer Robots

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