Saturday, 26 April 2008

National Childrens Database:: Early report produced by Insider!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

Our hope is that the report is thorough, open minded and has managed to ask and answer all the relevant questions. It has been our experience that in the case of centralised childrens database projects, that the solutions and security arrangements are generally designed around executive managers asking the wrong questions - not the right ones.

Like, "How do we store sensitive childrens data centrally?", rather than first asking - "Should We?".

To this end, we have produced our own report to further support the causes of those seeking to protect children from exploitation, by calling for more effective engagement of the issues by senior management.

We trust that brand leaders and ministers will take onboard some of the points in this report. After all, this document unlike many others comes straight from the horses mouth.

From one of the managers on the frontline of protecting childrens information.

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