Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Eroding Consumer Perception of the most
Prestigious Brands - ever so slightly?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Junk mail has always been a nuisance and with the growing deluge of spam, has proliferated beyond anything you might have received via your letter box. 99% of our time on email is taken up trying to find the 0.1% of what you really wanted to receive. In amongst the mound of "lengthen this" and "enlarge that" is the usual 'phishing attack emails', trying to tempt you to click on something and enter your bank account details. Still deeper in are the emails about great share prices and the plea's for help from someone called Juan. In addition to these are the emails selling rolex, Microsoft software, video games and designer clothing.

Now usually, one has only to look at the email to know that it did not come from Rolex or IBM.
You also recognise that it is highly unlikely that these brands would send you unsolicited email. You know that they are huge businesses, who continue to trade largely on their reputation. Why would they risk their good name to send you email that you didn't ask for?

But the problem is that this constant stream of negative input will inevitably have a negative effect on the image of brands. For no more reason than this false marketing is on an ever-increasing spiral and the quality of forged newsletters and the like is improving all the time.

Take the newsletter (above) we have recently received from Gucci. This newsletter was received seemingly direct from Gucci and it had us believing that Gucci must have sent it - or that there is a serious flaw in one of their systems for this to happen.

Not knowing Gucci we wondered whether this was the sort of desparate thing "posh brands" of this kind might resort too.

Perhaps spam is fashionable (and necessary) - in fashionable circles!

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