Saturday, 29 March 2008

Money being wasted on trying to see inside a computer hackers brain?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Truth is, they just made a training course that emulates my brain
Its Called "See inside a computer hackers brain"
Yes, its held in America
They know how i think
Somehow they've got the inside line on me
Someone worked out how i think

Somehow they hacked my brain, whilst i wasn't even looking
So whats the point?
Everytime i think, every time i do, they know me
So whats the point?
Everytime i sense, every time i feel, they know me
So whats the point?

Yep, i reckon that i'm on computer hard disk now
In the memory
On the big screen
Type in my name
Now i'm classified as Hacker type 34
A biometric finger print of lil old me

Wait a minute.
It cannot be true
I'm 78100 computer hackers, not one or two
Its not really possible to see inside my brain
Since there are actually 70 billion pieces of my DNA deployed in different terrain

So don't waste your time, trying to record every part
Because tomorrow i will make 10'000 other hydra pieces
Each one - absolute pure art!

Friday, 28 March 2008

How to combat "Trojan Inside".

hello - i know there is a Trojan Living Inside my computer.

So what you see is only what you think you see!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

White Hat Hackers - New World Saviours?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
White Hat hacking is the art of designing computer tools, techniques, strategies, concepts, exploits and counter-methods to attack and defend against a bad target on the Internet. It is the art of mounting covert operations, spying and corrupting the evil black hat movement. The art of using the creative mind to see beyond the obvious, to envision possibilities way beyond that of the average computer user.

Anyone can become a White Hat. Anyone! Not anyone can be the best athlete or a brain surgeon, but anyone can become a White Hat. It means in reality that anyone can become an artist, because that is what white hat hackers are. They are skilled craftsmen that through their hands and minds create powerful online expressions that help save peoples lives. In fact I would go to say that they will become the Galileo's, the Einstein’s, the Da Vinci's of their day, only they will go one step further than the fore mentioned.

They are the artists who have the most remarkable of all missions. To rid the world of evil and bring freedom to all through their work. What artist of yesterday, today or tomorrow will truly be able to say they had such power to move hearts and minds of whole nations away from evil and tyranny towards fair and reasonable behaviour? The "white hat" hacker is truly going to have an impact on what we know today as art. White Hats are going to give new meaning to art that will not be accepted by the establishment, yet will not be able to be denied by it either.
The value of such art will be there for all to see and those who produce it will know that their lives were spent in worthy and noble causes. They will know that their lives really meant something and that the evidence of their endeavours is there for all to see.

Their inventions will remain long after they have left this planet.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Young inventors working with Brand Killer Robots!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Blogging is a marvellous form of communication, you never really know which direction your editorial will take, which is of course dependent upon the interests of your readers. Our original thoughts were to be able to develop a resource to educate and inspire senior management to think more creatively about the kinds of risk that they might be susceptible too from numerous influences in the future.

It seems from the response, that we have certainly achieved that objective, but with one interesting twist. It seems that Brand Killer Robots has been just as interesting to students than the long serving investment banker and the like.

One particular line of communication has opened up with a young inventor who wishes us to represent his biometric handwriting product to financial services organisations. His product is apparently one of the first of its kind and we do very much believe the story behind the idea.

If you can tie a signature to a particular person, without doubt they created it - how important would that be in the field of data assurance and forensic analysis? The biometric is patent pending and applications have been developed and now take the form of pen systems and digital writing pads. All that is required is for managers to introduce the technology to field trials on selective projects.

It seems that whilst the concept is compelling and all are in agreement of its potential, there are three primary concerns preventing the uptake of the technology:

1. Extensive testing of the technology and associated output data is a requirement prior to client engagement with the technology.
2. UK Courts to recognise digitally produceble analogue handwriting signature data as a basis of evidence, in support of cases.
3. Clients would expect to engage with the technology with a mature information security provider who would need to licence the technology from the inventor.

So whilst we started out writing a blog, we have become very differently involved with some of our readers and we look forward to extending our services to other interested readers in the future.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Spin Jockeys Prevalent in UK LTD/PLC?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
As the markets crash and burn we write with some concern over a very recent revelation relating to the nature and style of investment management, here in the UK. Concern was raised when we witnessed the personal assasaination of one of the countries finest entrepreneurs, by another group of leading entrepreneurs. It appears that this person (who incidently) built a £100million brand starting from a kitchen table, is now apparently without good name, because the banks wouldn't lend certain sums to assure the future of the company. It appears that in order for the brand to survive that it must be acquired and money pumped into it by other (supposedly) more effective entrepreneurs. So this person walks away without a company, without a brand, without a job and most importantly - with reputation in tatters. Even worse is the fact that this person gets to see other less caring souls take over the baby that he had created. Haunted each and every day by what happened in the past, constantly aware of how the company is performing in the here and now and still feverishly pouring over the forecasts of the future of the company. Whilst all the time feeling bitter enough to secretly hope that the company takes a downward turn and for people to then say "told you so - they should never have got rid of me".

Our very real concern is that UK LTD/PLC is being hijaaked by Spin Jockeys (asset strippers, financial conjurers and ego maniacs), leaving little room for the entrepreneurs who actually develop the brands in the first place. Are we in danger of replacing creativity, integrity and hard working entrepreneurs with Spin Jockeys who know how to cut n paste business models and massage the meta money structures - but add little to the real potential of UK LTD/PLC and almost nothing to the real growth of our markets.

Whilst the real entrepreneur sits at home or does very little in comparison to their potential, the money making machine operators make the brand dance to the dismal tune of the latest disaffected CEO and the company walks uninspiringly into the wall of depression.

Should we be doing more to help those people who have contributed to building the markets, or to the parasites, crazy makers and con artists that are currently entrenched in positions that they are unworthy of?

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Killer Robots:: Ready for the War on Brand Terror!

brand leadership; communications warfare; competitive intelligence; defense intelligence; disruptive innovation; hacker intelligence; security protection; stakeholder risk


Saturday, 22 March 2008

Anti-Propagandarists hack the "Conspiracy Matrix"!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
You know the best way to deal with fantasy sold as reality is to turn these lies into more damn lies. To re-fashion the stories that are meant to represent reality, in order to develop a new perspective on the story. This new perspective might just help you get to the truth. What causes us to doubt a story is the same intuition that we use to make the correct decisions in life.

This intuition is buried deep in our soul, yet very few of us ever manage to maintain this connection - choosing rather to listen to the ego and analytical mechanisms in the brain.

Truth is, The Conspiracy Matrix is a lie, unveiled to the world under the guise of setting humanity free, when all along was designed to enslave us all with the notion that we are all powerless in the face of an all-consuming, yet unknown enemy.

Making us easy prey for the biggest con-men of all -

Our own inner fear demons!

From the 2007 book --- The Matrix Hackers

Friday, 21 March 2008

Cognitive Hacking : Targeting subconcious Minds : What it can do to investor relations?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ok, here is some more real truth about the subversive security threat that we face in the here and now. Written in 2002 this enlightening article by some of the folks at Dartmouth College is one of the first papers on security intelligence to reach a wide audience. In essence, this paper proposes a model of subversive behaviour which begins by manipulating a users perception and finishes by taking advantage of the users response in order to carry out an attack. Cybenko and colleagues seemingly promote 'Cognitive Hacking' as a new label for a more sophisticated type of information security classification. One that combines conventional forms of technological attack with social engineering and intelligence tradecraft practices to form a new kind of subversive warfare, entitled 'Cognitive Hacking'. Whilst the paper outlines admirably the concepts involved, it does however fail to offer a broad enough solution in the form of effective counter-measures.

The article starts...

On August 25 2000, Stockholders were stunned by news that Emulex, a server and storage provider, was revising its earnings from $0.25 per share gain to $0.15 loss and that it was lowering it's reported net earnings from the previous quarter as well. The press release, which business news services like Dow Jones, Bloomberg and CBS Marketwatch were distributing, went on to state that CEO Paul Folino had resigned and that the company was under SEC investigation. Within 16 minutes, Emulex shares had plummeted from their previous days close of approximately $104 per share to $43.
Only none of it was true.

The full article by the folks at Dartmouth College is available here

Thursday, 20 March 2008

How brands lose it - just before they die!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ok. Switch your mind into a different mode now. This mode is called "Scan".

What we want you to do is to walk into your company and as you do it - switch to "Scan" mode.

It looks a lot like Terminator - where you can see through the eyes of a robot. Lots of graphs and wire frames with flashing indicators on the display. Its like you have xray eyes and can see through the structure of buildings and people, zooming and panning as you go. Get the idea!

So you are in your building scanning and you can hear the dialogue of your best sales people on the telephone with clients, you can hear the discussions in meetings and visualise the data flowing inside and out of your company. In fact you are so wired, you can even begin to hear the heartbeat of your organisation. As you begin to get used to this new perception you start to look for more advanced ways of using these new found powers, which leads you to begin writing and running programs that read and analyse the actual behaviour and emotional posture of the business. So now you know - now you really know how your business thinks!

Suddenly, everything starts to get blurry. The visual display begin to break up and the numbers on the dial don't seem to add up anymore. The people on the phones don't seem to be talking to customers anymore and there seems to be less people in the meeting rooms. In fact most of them appear to be talking in corridors or dark corners of the office. The data doesn't feel consistent and strong anymore and the heartbeat is becoming irratic.

I'm starting to feel uneasy about the emotional balance of the business and our reputation with our customers. I'm getting complaints daily and worst still from customers who are the linchpin of our business. I begin to encounter da ja vous experiences, bumping into people and situations that i would ordinarily seek to avoid. At least in the bad times, anyway. I begin to fight back by changing the people and strategies around me, favouring a plan that would lock horns with the ongoing self-fulfilling prohecy of doom.

I twist and turn, developing coping strategies to avoid the impending tragedy. Building the ego-state of the organisation to cover the short-full in fortunes and to compensate for the deteriation in substance.

Fighting, fighting, fighting.... help! survive, loss, victimisation, tragedy, loss................

beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........................your dead!

Quick take off the mask.....................................Stop scanning..... wake up and see like a loving, creative, human being again!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Intelligence is what investors are looking to buy in to?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Apart from the usual stuff such as great idea, intelligent and informed view of the market, great attitude, great skills and plenty of evidence that the business is going to be profitable - investors want to see that your house is in order. In other words, your business, product and your motivation could be in great shape, but if there are little political games going on behind the scenes - then they will probably prefer to forget it!

You know...................they really couldn't be bothered! Even if they knew they could make a fortune. There are just to many other opportunities to engage with and why should they be bothered with you guys, if all you do is p* around.

Assess the opportunity, quickly qualify the risk and then decide to put the money in - on the basis of a quick and highly profitable exit.

Its all a numbers game and anything stupid that might affect the numbers!

Forget it...

Too many other more sensible fish in the sea!

Business Partners: He wants to be big - she wants to be small!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Look, i used to JUST BE ME right!

Then, when i decided to set-up the business - it was her that gave me the courage. Well she would - i'm the exitable visionary one and shes the feet on the ground - "know where you are one"! Crickey - i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her!

Everything is going well, but i just can't help thinking that we should be aiming HIGHER!

I mean, its really within out grasp, but i just can't get her to understand. We are so close and yet all she wants to do is more of the same! Not that more of the same - is a bad thing to do.

I mean its paying the bills at least!

But i just can't help thinking bigger! I mean, i'm locked in this relationship now where i cannot grow - yet i'm not really confident of setting out on my own.

Perhaps if i sit still - the answer might just come to me!

How can i become complete again, but bigger?

Better work on my courage!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
One of our friends in the other intelligence community explained an idea he had sometime ago that could help to reduce the risk of selecting the wrong IT supplier. He suggested that a further stage needed to be added to the due-diligence process that involved conducting surveys with the suppliers ex-staff.
He suggested that it was feasible to identify say 20 ex employees at different levels and then using a series of questions, develop a body of knowledge on the supplier, from which specific questions could be developed for the due-dilgence process itself.

So we conducted our own survey contacting ex staff of one of the biggest IT suppliers in the UK.

None of this information was ever drawn up such that it was linked to the ex-employees, we were simply interested in ensuring that we developed a series of appropriate questions for the supplier.

Instead of approaching this particular supplier with the set of questions, we decided to use the data to draw a number of conclusions about the company and then sit back and see if any associated evidence transpired. We had no insider information so we had to rely on what we told by ex employees, company reports and what was ultimately reported through the press.
Low and behold, four months after we had concluded our report, a series of incidents were reported through the press that completely confirmed our findings. This particular problem was consistent with what we were told by over 90% of those surveyed.

It is a good example of the old saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer".

You can also learn a lot from the enemies of your enemies!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

False Celebrity:: The true cost of success?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We danced in the sunshine at daybreak, in those hazy, crazy days
We were like kings, like Gods
Carrying the world on our backs, yet easily
For those were the times for us to plant the seed of our spirit youth
Time to build, time to grow out from within the cocoon of all-encompassing ignorance

We danced in the sunshine in the mid morning, with those who know and who dare
They were like kings, they were like Gods
Sharing their load, we carry even more of the world on our backs
For it is time for us to embrace more than our own self spirits
Time to stand fast with our fellows in strength and unity

We danced in the sunshine of the afternoon, with those who looked upon us for direction
They thought we were like kings, were like Gods
Now carrying the whole world and more on our backs
We begin to see in the sunshine the error of our ways, images borne from the immortality illusion
But it is too late, too late to walk away from our responsibilities

We danced in the sunshine of the evening, broken and weakened beyond recognition
We thought we were like kings, were like Gods,
Still carrying the world on our backs,
We begin to see angels dancing in the sunlight, beckoning us toward a new horizon

And they say "You are like kings and you are like Gods, but you have made one mistake".
"Whilst you were growing, you forgot that you were children, Gods children".
"You left your true spirit behind you and swapped it for artificial celebrity".
"Now you need to find it again". "You need to find YOU!"

And the night was still, the sunshine was no more, but God was still holding his children within his embrace.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Do Self made millionaires really have integrity? - Or does it just look that way?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Dragged up in the 40's and 50's Alan the millionaire now struts his stuff on the celebrity cat walk known as "the business world". Its a place where you need to be smart to stay alive. Where you need to be ruthless to get on and where if you take your eye of the "money ball", you are likely to get ground up into mince meat. Yes, nasty is the name, lean and mean the game.

A place for highly motivated, harderned types. A place for winners. A place that despises weakness - and worse still stupidity.

Spitting remarks like a mechanical monster spirit, with a will forged in the fires of a difficult childhood - Alan the millionaire attempts to define the world around him.

Frustrated by those "incompletes" before him, he hacks and cracks at their souls, becoming more and more angry by their lack of understanding. Increasingly disallusioned by the futile things around him, does he stagger in rage, moaning and groaning, hacking and cracking - his fellow humanity.

Where is this mans integrity we ask? Does it lay peacefully and visibly within - or does it lay disallusioned, hidden outside? Proped up only by the lessening integrity of those souls he abuses around him?

Will he ever find out who he really is? Will he ever find peace?

Friday, 14 March 2008

Don't judge a book by its cover - learn to read it better!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Last Sunday we were treated to a display by an angry mob, whom upon listening to the problems published by a leading light in the business community, sought to round on some seemingly ineffective owners and managers of local children BMX parks.

Apparently these customers felt that the management team at these venues were typically petty, extremely officious and incredibly lame thinkers in the creative department.

"How much?, they cried "could be done to improve the customer services facility in these places and increase the fun and convenience factors for everyone concerned, including the adults?"
Having spent a signficant time ourselves in these places and knowing a few managers and owners of BMX parks, we do know that these complaints are not uncommon, but one needs to look for the reasons why - rather than simply coming to conclusion this is simply the fault of inefficient, ineffective management.

Apart from the fact that these kinds of businesses are run largely on a shoestring, our own research shows that many of these kinds of activities (including indoor Ball parks) are under constant attack by idiot parents that want on one hand to not accept responsibility and on the other hand - are ready to sue as soon as little Timmy cuts his hand. We therefore believe that this problem is largely to do with the owners fear of not getting sued. Whatever their intentions were when they started the business - they are effectively constrained by fear of the next "extremely likely" insurance claim.

Don't judge a book by its cover - learn to read it better!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Why counter intelligence can sometimes backfire!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
How do you really know if you can trust new employees to your company? How do you know that they don't have motives to take your business over working from inside? How do you know that they aren't a mole placed in your business by a competitor? How do you know that they aren't really there just to sabotage you? How do you know? How do you really know?

It is logical to think that in order to test the purity of the motive of a new member of staff, that it is entirely appropriate to set this person a test. But what test do you set them?

We recall some of the tests that we ourselves have been measured against in the past. Everything from being party to revelations about the CEO being a closet homesexual, to a discussion down the pub with (a supposed loyal colleague) who wishes us to consider ways of hacking the company to bogus recruitment agents calling us up and asking questions that seem strangely relevant to the particular circumstances with our current employer.

Suffice to say, all tactics were exposed at the point of delivery and only served to increase the awareness of incompetance of those we were in the employ of.

Had our motives been anything other than a sincere desire to motivate positive change inside the organisation - we would have surely been extremely wealthy by now.

Counter-intelligence should be left to the professionals!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Are Websites for Whistleblowers "Imagination without reason or worse still - imagination without foundation?"

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We understand that a court decision against Wikileaks, a website for whistleblowers to publish information exposing unethical practices, has been reversed. The website at says of itself:

Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. Our primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to people of all regions who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations. We aim for maximum political impact. Our interface is identical to Wikipedia and usable by all types of people. We have received over 1.2 million documents so far from dissident communities and anonymous sources.

We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better government and stronger democracies. All governments can benefit from increased scrutiny by the world community, as well as their own people. We believe this scrutiny requires information. Historically that information has been costly - in terms of human life and human rights. But with technological advances - the internet, and cryptography - the risks of conveying important information can be lowered.

Whilst we can see the reasons behind Wikileaks mission, we believe that the foundation upon which this crusade is undertaken to be on very shaky ground indeed. Any intelligence analyst worth their sort knows that there is as much disinformation on the Internet as there is information. So how can you tell the difference?

So to do they know that systems and accompanying data can be subverted such that information originated from one source can be altered to look like it came from another source. More concerning is the question of the real motives behind this whistleblower agenda. Just who are the people behind the scenes at Wikileaks anyway?

No one questions the need for greater transparency amongst government institutions and the commercial world. What we do question is how you go about it.

At the very least, could disrupt the internal communications department of the worlds leading organisations for a time. At the very worst, websites such as Wikileaks could damage real investigations into political and commercial criminality.

We ask "Are Websites for Whistleblowers "Imagination without reason or worse still - imagination without foundation?"

Friday, 7 March 2008

Inner Child Brands or Brands made from Monsters?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
A very great lady from the commercial world and someone we have had frequent debates with posed the naughtiest of questions the other day. She asked, why is it in one place of the world people can be loving and warm and in another (just 5 miles down the road) can be so full of misery and depravity?

We sought inside our souls for one single formula that could solve the problem.

When you have a large group of responsible adults, who through being effectively parented are still in touch with their inner child - you always have the basis for conditions of peace, love and respect. When adults lose touch with their inner child, they become miserable and some turn into monsters. The inner childs presence has a positive effect on those who come into contact with these adults.

Let us know what you think, by posting a comment.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sabotage:: Are Former employees stealing your Domain Names?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Dear Directors and Security Managers,

I am writing to you because I want to alert you (and others) to a challenge that I myself have encountered more recently in my capacity as a freelance Brand Protection Consultant in the UK. Basically, the story goes that a small insurance company who provide agency services to high-net worth clients in the US, had an issue with a website when they least expected it. In fact, one day the directors came into work to find that the website domain name no longer pointed at the website. This would have been less of a problem had the company not recently invested in a marketing campaign with the specific aim of driving new visitors to their website.

After the intial rants of who could have done it and who had the most to gain, everyone calmed down and called up the local website hosting company. Only to get the response that they only hosted the website and that another company appeared to hold the domain name. Upon further investigation it transpired that the domain name was in fact registered in the name of a former employee and ex Director of the company.

After some fairly frank exchanges between the Directors it further transpired that this individual was more likely to be acting maliciously and would have deliberately misdirected the domain in order to sabotage the business. In fact this was the worse kind of sabotage - this was premediated and calculated sabotage. Designed to have the maximum impact at the most important time for the company.

It took the directors 2 weeks to get the site back online, costing thousands in legal fees, at an unspecified cost to the brand and the company profit.

Advice being, always make sure that it isn't just the tangible things (like the keys to the company car) that are handed over at the time of directors departure. Also ensure that the intangibles are extracted too.

Are Former employees stealing your Domain Names?

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Predictive intelligence means bounding the space of future uncertainties within an estimative framework!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
In a recent article by Kent's Imperative, we were treated to a brief tour through one of our favourite subjects, that of Predictive Intelligence and the role of the jester within the court of Kings and Queens. Our esteemed military counter-parts over at Kent's Imperatives say more than we could have ever said ourselves about the dispositions and insights that we ourselves have had since we were early teenagers. We give you the very best definition of Predictive Intelligence - care of Kent's Imperative.

Whether you work for the military, charitable organisations or commerce, we say that unless you develop a formal framework that qualifies the bounds of the uncertainties into measured spaces, you can never truly say that your risk register is anywhere near complete and this will have an unecessary effect on the collective confidence of the organisation. Furthermore, the injection of jesterlike communications into the stressed, repressed and depressed body of an organisation can serve to remove the veils of ignorance and open the way for conditions where your business is sufficiently sensitive enough to reap the rewards of effective Predictive Intelligence.

Predictive intelligence means bounding the space of future uncertainties within an estimative framework!

Why not try defining a predictive Intelligence framework for your organisation. If you require help, send us an email at

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Have you added up how much 'not listening' is costing your company?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
How is it that a company that spends tens of thousands on staff education programmes actually performs less well, than a comparable company that doesn't spend anything on staff education programmes? How is it that a company that is totally automated by systems can perform less well than a comparable company that uses an admixture of spreadsheets and wordprocessors? How is it that a company stuffed with MBA's and degrees can perform less well than a comparable company that (at least on paper), is educationally far inferior?

Could there be something more going on here?

Well the answer is of course a very big "Yes". A review of some 20 comparable companies revealed that the companies that do the best are the companies where the personnel are used to listening whilst they are learning - rather than not listening.

In other words, the best companies are those where the available information coming into the company is absorbed, processed and utilised effectively, as opposed to not being absorbed, processed and utilised effectively. Making the point that a company can have a large volume of quality and well paid for information coming into the company, but if the workforce are ill prepared to absorb it - that information is next to useless.

So to does this relate to the nature of the systems used and the level of education that your staff have. If your workforce is not properly motivated or stressed beyond thinking - no amount of systems and degrees are going to work.

In fact, under the worse circumstances, the more gadgets and refinements you have the more places that your most ineffective staff have to hide.

So we ask, "Have you added up how much 'not listening' is costing your company?"

Snookered by patent squatters:: Use Many Faces, Many Places?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
What do you do if you had been working on an invention for years, only to find out that someone had secured a patent long ago for the landscape, but had been parked on it for the last 5 years?

What do you do, if you are prevented from getting into the market, by a company who had already obtained a patent for a similar idea and are simply squating on it, watching the world go by?
Can you do something about it? Well the answer is ordinarily no. Once the patent is in place - you can't use the landscape, unless you are licenced to.

But what would happen if you could take your existing idea and remodel its face in such a way that the presentation of it enabled you to secure a very different patent? You could secure a patent and in so doing position your idea for a completely new, yet lucrative marketplace.

By changing your patent language - you can use a patent strategy called "Many Faces, Many Places!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Brand Killer Robot Innovators to attack patent application space

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
It is true that there are many layers of innovation above the current implemented layer of technology. Some of these innovation layers are already perceived by innovators and have been mapped into Patent applications. Over and above this, there are many areas of innovation still available to be mapped into patents.

Brand Killer Robots therefore have two perspectives:
1. Attack existing patent application spaces by finding vulnerabilities and then re-apply for much enhanced counter patents.
2. Perceive new innovations and apply for new patents.

Brand Killer Robots use an in-house innovation development process to envision, design and deploy patent applications.

Over the past 6 months we have received a great deal of interest in this blog, much of which has come from talent scouts, high-tech providers, financial investors and government institutions.

If you are looking for help building new innovation patents we would be interested in hearing from you.

Competitive Intelligence Officers: Are they the best people to lead Information Security?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

We call on commercial organisations around the world to consider this question!

Just who is the best department to be heading up your business security?

Should it be operations, IT or marketing? Just what type of level of person do you require? Should their background be technical, intelligence based or business management. Are they tactical focused, strategic minded or both? Are they concentrated on inside issues, external considerations or competitor focused? Do they deal with policy making, procedure biased or totally fluid in their approach?

Are they architects, designers, builders, testers or QA men? Are they offense or defense driven or both? Does their remit cover a specific area of the business dynamic or do they see security as a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted enterprise wide responsibility? Are they commercially astute and see business security as a strategic weapon for defeating their enemies (the competition) or do they take an approach that is simply concentrated on maintaining the security dynamic?

Just what type of animal is the best to be running your business security capability?

When conducting an audit on your business security, concentrate on discovering the gaps between the various security officer remits and not so much on the effectiveness of what is covered. Consider the patterns of attack that are possible in these gaps and the effectiveness of the security organisation to respond. Concentrate on patterns of attack that cross departmental borders and those that use multi-faceted, multi-functional-level methods of attack.

Ask any security manager to describe the remit he covers, then consider the wider picture of business security and you will begin to understand the problem.

After many years of considering this problem, our recommedations are to appoint a small team of seasoned "Competitive Intelligence Officers" as the key custodians of security in your business. These people would be supported by relevant specialist security officers and would report directly to the CEO.

These would be the best people to lead commercial security in the 21st Century?

For a detailed profile of the ultimate security team email

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Behold: the mind of the Predator: Let it not be in You? Lest you use it to counter the predators tactics.

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Have you ever followed someone home in the dark? Do you feel their fear? Do they keep looking back? Can you sense their anguish as you draw closer? Never knowing whether you might take them from behind. Pulling them to the floor. Devouring them piece by piece as their screams go unheard. Understand that this is the condition of the predatory mind. Can you feel the power of the predator? Can you feel the power of the dark side? Its attraction is strong and there are many who have crossed over, never to find their way back again. In the days when man had to hunt to feed his family these predatory instincts were vital to his survival.
Today the predatory mind is used to covet other people’s possessions, to subvert good causes and to spread the influence of the devil to the far corners of the earth.


Do you recognise the power of the predatory mind? Have you seen it before? Either in yourself or the actions of others? Would the world be a better place full of predators, or would it be a better place without predators? Without those who pretend that humanity is somehow in need of such flawed attributes? Behold: the mind of the Predator:

Let it not be in You? Lest you use it to counter the predators tactics.

Who needs a mummy or daddy - when you can Google all day?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Its true, in this day and age you are better off if Google loves you than your real mummy or daddy!
I mean, is your mummy or daddy there when you need to generate money to eat?

Are they there when your business partners only want to know you if your page rank is off the richter scale - or when you are feeling insecure and need to attract some recognition from like minded people.

Is your mummy or daddy any good when you are trying to locate dirt on your competition using Google search - or when you need to lock on to a new and exciting niche market?

No, they are not there like that!

So we say - who needs a real mummy and daddy when you can Google all day!

google, google, google....burp!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

MI6 Intelligence Agents:: Make the best CEO's?

Brand Protection expert reveals::
Harry, as he liked to be known - had been in Afghanistan in 2005 and a year earlier at the British Embassy in Baghdad. He had been recruited into MI6 through a girlfriend during his university years at Oxbridge. At that time Harry wanted to head for a career in business, but Sarah persuaded him to think about doing something a great deal more meaningful. It wasn't long before Harry was up to his neck in drama. It wasn't long before Harry knew what real pain felt like. Before Harry understood the fragility of life.

Before Harry's powers of analysis changed forever.

In 2006 Harry collapsed on Charing Cross station and was eventually hauled off to a psychiatric hospital in East Sussex to be treated for anxiety and panic disorder. The pace of life had been painfully intense and his behaviour had been becoming increasingly eratic. Harry was sufficiently aware to see the signs, but was unable to reverse his condition without help. He could only describe his thinking as "it felt like someone was chasing me, at the same time as trying to avoid an oncoming train - and not being able to get off the tracks".

As Harry made progress, he began to realise more and more that what had be-fallen him was simply - one of lifes tests. He became to realise that the outward and inward manifestations of the people and things around him were no longer a burden to him. He became to realise that his own body and mind were no longer a burden to him and that what he was, was something other than his personality, ego, body or senses. He realised that no internal or external condition could ever affect him (unless he wanted them too) and that he was no longer vulnerable to the outer layers beyond his soul.

Harry was free. Free to see the world with total objectivity.

Total Clarity!

Free, yet equiped with the mind that can see and sense vulnerability from every perspective!

Free to safeguard our nation and free to someday take up a senior position with one of the most prestigious organisations in the world.