Sunday, 17 February 2008

Whilst the cats in the way, the mice will play Syndrome!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
The old saying goes... "whilst the cats away... the mice will play. Well in fact there is a new saying on the commercial block... that of.... "whilst the cats in the way, the mice will play". It seems that this is a phenomenon that is sweeping the commercial sector, largely driven by the complexities of technology and the ever greater uncertainties within the corporate management sphere.

Essentially the balance of power is sliding ever so greatly in the favour of engineers and technologists and farther away from the grip of leaders and business managers.

Take for example the CEO who for years would proudly announce how his data warehousing strategy had resulted in a single unified database that could be accessed from anywhere in the world and by anyone at any level with access authority.

In fact, on further investigation the single database was in fact 17 different databases, all designed differently, all using different levels of encoding and staged on different types of platform. It seems that those responsible for the security of the systems had overrided the CEO's vision for one database and produced a system that matched his perception of "one system", but also ensured that they did not lose their jobs, by carrying out orders that would have ultimately lead to their dismissal through poorly implemented security architecture.

So don't be surprised if you have the same problem in your organisation!

Watch out for the... "Whilst the cats in the way, the mice will play Syndrome!"

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