Friday, 22 February 2008

Piracy & Counterfeiting - The solutions are out there - But you need balls to use them!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Look, what can i say right, I just do what i feel is right by the customers emotions! When the customer has a real problem, i solve it - and when i solve it - it stays solved. These f* guys were ripping this company off and the CEO of the company was at his wits end and wanted them stopped and he didn't want any attention drawn to what was going on.

The CEO was also the owner who had founded the business with his brother.

Anyway, long and short of it was that the pirates and counterfeiters were selling the company's software through a channel in Ukraine and on to the end consumer through the black market. The CEO had tried everything to combat the criminals, but everytime the perpertrators were able to sidestep the obstacles that were put in their way.

So the CEO asked Brand Killer Robots to investigate and to come up with a strategy.

Our answer was two fold. Our answer was to create panic in the pirate software black market in Ukraine. Our answer was to come up with a strategy that would ensure piracy and counterfeiting would be stopped by encouraging the consumer to stop purchasing pirated software.

Unfortunately the CEO in question decided that it wasn't ethical to implement this strategy and so he carried on letting his company be ripped off by parasites.

The solutions are out there - But you need balls to use them!

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