Saturday, 23 February 2008

A Big Mouth:: The biggest danger to himself and his customers!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
There was this smart security guy who was totally and absolutely a genius in the art of information security. This guy had such a depth of understanding about the security business he could sit in a boardroom and kill the management teams confidence in the validity of the risk register in under 2 minutes. In that time, he would be able to hit the CEO with so many risks he hadn't heard of that he would be reaching to hand in his resignation before the meeting was over.

Problem with this guy was that he had a big mouth. He just couldn't keep it shut. Not that he would share customer confidential information or reveal his sources etc. But he just couldn't stop marketing his ideas.

So what happened was that the customers stopped coming for fear that he would expose trade secrets without having very much to go on and the technical people didn't want to do business with him because they were scared that he would project the next big thing in the marketplace - and of course they wanted it all to themselves. At least for a while, anyway!

So the more this guy got shut out the more this guy dug deeper into his soul to find new methods of securing the prey from the predators. And the more he projected his ideas, the more he was shut out - and so it went on.

Like a perpetually raging tide, did he up the stakes - at every twist and turn!

Until one day they found him dead in an alleyway!

Watch out for them old Brand Killer Robots!

Our own answer would have been to have paid him to shut-up and be of use.

It is far more efficient!

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