Wednesday, 2 January 2008

How to differentiate between "two-a-penny" entrepreneurs and "ultrapreneurs"?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Think about designing a new company, a new product a new brand. This brand is innovative, entertaining and dynamic. This brand generates significant interest and notiriety around world. Think about how much effort, how much genius it must take to design a "MySpace" vs. take over someone elses business or act as consultant. Then think about how you might feel if it was all suddenly taken away from you - without regard to your real investment.

If you are a flash harry entrepreneur then you might be back in the market the very next day. But authentic brand owners can take many years to recover - and many of them never do.

This is because they take absolute responsibility for what they do and feel ownership more painfully than if you were sawing off their legs. When you take their brand away - you take their legs away - and with it goes their will and ability to walk.

In the hard faced world of the "non-smart", "non-sensitive", ugly ferrocious monster beast without an imaginative brain cell in their head entrepreneuer - playing dumb old money-grabbing hard ball is the order of the day. But in the realm of the ultra-entrepeneur, there are very few troglodytes and many more artists, performers, architects and life loving philosophers.

So the next time you evaluate entrepreneurs for investment, first consider whether you want to build an innovative brand with obvious global appeal or sell a bunch of boring, but lower risk widgets at Wall Mart.

If all you want to do is make a few bucks - why not put your money in the bank? If you want to be part of an Ebay, Google, Microsoft, MySpace, YouTube or Harry Potter - you need to learn how to differentiate between "two-a-penny" entrepreneurs and "ultrapreneurs".

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