Sunday, 6 January 2008

Container full of rats:: or friendships built to last - Which would you prefer - and can you hack it?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
One thing they don't teach you at school is who best to bank your money with. They don't teach you who to trust and they don't teach you how best to develop trust. Questions like "where best to spend my time and money" are extremely difficult questions to answer and you certainly won't find the answers in any text book. Do they for example teach you that certain people relate very differently under different circumstances? That in the good times they can relate to you in one way and in the bad times they can relate entirely differently? Do they teach you which types of personality types are prone to volatile behaviour in changing circumstances and which personality types are likely to relate relatively consistently, whether in good times or bad.

If for example one member of your group does relatively poorly over time, will they be vilified by the other members who have done well. Or will they come back for you and help you to come up to pace.

On top of this, Schools don't teach you which environments are likely to be motivated toward short-term gains and which environments are motivated toward long term relationships. In other words which environments are "containers full of rats" and which are "organisations built on lasting relationships". To make things even more complicated there are actually organisations out there that are essentially "containers full of rats", wrapped in an organisation built to last and "organisations built to last", owned and lead by a "container full of rats".

The point in all of this is that there is a great deal of value in understanding the language of trust within a business context - but absolutely nobody bothers to teach it.

Many an entrepreneur, analyst, inventor, artist or business sponsor has fallen foul to the "honeytrap of false identity". Of false hope, false reason and false celebrity.

Before you do anything more in your business life, consider whether you have done your homework on the people and circumstances around you, just in case you end up wasting even greater time, money and confidence - which can result in eventually bringing you to your knees.

We ask "Container full of rats:: or friendships built to last?". Which do you prefer - and can you hack it?

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