Friday, 21 December 2007

Saatchi & Saatchi:: Why LoveMarks didn't go far enough???

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Ok, so Kevin Roberts idea was to tell the world that love is lovely and people love love and that because people love love, they might love your brand (if you make it love them) and that because you love them - they'll be much more drawn to your brand - and of course love is forever - so if they love you now and you keep loving them


Phew! So we take the concept of love, make your brand message speak the language of love and from there on in - everything is fine and dandy.

Problem with this theory is that it relies on the known things that people love. It does not ask the question "what is it that you know that you love - that isn't available?" "What invention do you love - that isn't available"? "What would you love to have - that isn't currently available"?

Love isn't just about yesterday or today - its also about tomorrow. It's not just about loving the things that are available. Its also about loving the things that aren't currently available. About sharing the inventive genius love with your fellow man. Sure, i might like to drink Coca Cola - but what i really love - hasn't been invented yet!

That's what the biggest most respected brand agency in the world - Forgot!

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