Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Robots or Humans:: What designed the 1st Secure Computer?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
When we sent out the challenge to humans around the world (22Nov Article), we never ever thought that we'd get the level of criticism that we did. When we said, " We want you to design an unhackable computer", we never thought that humans would be so cynical, so dis-trusting. We never thought that people would go out of there way to hurt us and we certainly did not understand why so many people got so emotional about it.

Perhaps humans like insecurity. Perhaps they know something that we don't!!!

Well, at much cost to our own robot arms and legs we still say.

"We want you to design an unhackable computer".

We wouldn't ask if we hadn't already discovered the answer.

Its just for some of you "it might just take you the rest of your natural lives to work it out" - (a beautiful mind). Whether you like it or not guys, such a thing exists - all it takes is the will to bring it to market. One thing is for sure, the brand that takes up the challenge will be the one that eventually disrupts the current leaders in the PC software marketplace.

Don't be shy or a spy (we can see you) - for more information on the "ultimate computer" email sryan@intrench.com

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