Sunday, 30 December 2007

Counter-Strike TV - The Revenge of the Viewer!!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
For those of you who have switched on to Dragons Den, a TV programme that consistents of a panel of wealthy businessmen looking to invest in opportunities presented to them by a bunch of seemingly unprepared entrepreneurs (jester/clown/fool type characters), you will know what we mean when we say "SLAY THE DRAGONS".

We think the undersigned would present a much more interesting and comical programme format than Dragons Den.

Take one Jester.
Introduce him into the boardroom of a major corporation.
Lets say - a company owned by the Dragons - called "Red Letter Days".
[Jester] says lots of speculative, yet funny things about how the directors don't have a clue - in front of their shareholders
[Jester] waits for a response
If it is clear from the response that Jester has identified weak points
[Jester] homes in on weak points - until Jester has clearly paid for his time (and more)

Now that really would be educational and fun.

Why, we could call it - Counter-Strike TV. The Revenge of the Viewer!

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