Thursday, 20 December 2007

300 "Totally Secure Laptop" Ideas can't be wrong - can they?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

In November this year (2007) we asked that you consider joining us in the race to find the most securist computer in the world!

We also asked you If there were such a thing as "Total Security" - would it really be a good thing? and told you that a British Hacker Cell has invented the worlds first totally secure laptop computer!

Apart from the usual stupid responses we got back from stupid people, we received well over 300 emails from Linux Gurus, SE companies and hardware genius's, with ideas for building such a device. Unfortunately, no one so far has come up with a broad enough solution to the problem that we all face and the IT fraternity has to date failed to solve.

Thanks to everyone for their input, but we are still on course to deliver Proteus in the new year (2008). If you would like to know more follow the link or email me at

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