Saturday, 1 March 2008

MI6 Intelligence Agents:: Make the best CEO's?

Brand Protection expert reveals::
Harry, as he liked to be known - had been in Afghanistan in 2005 and a year earlier at the British Embassy in Baghdad. He had been recruited into MI6 through a girlfriend during his university years at Oxbridge. At that time Harry wanted to head for a career in business, but Sarah persuaded him to think about doing something a great deal more meaningful. It wasn't long before Harry was up to his neck in drama. It wasn't long before Harry knew what real pain felt like. Before Harry understood the fragility of life.

Before Harry's powers of analysis changed forever.

In 2006 Harry collapsed on Charing Cross station and was eventually hauled off to a psychiatric hospital in East Sussex to be treated for anxiety and panic disorder. The pace of life had been painfully intense and his behaviour had been becoming increasingly eratic. Harry was sufficiently aware to see the signs, but was unable to reverse his condition without help. He could only describe his thinking as "it felt like someone was chasing me, at the same time as trying to avoid an oncoming train - and not being able to get off the tracks".

As Harry made progress, he began to realise more and more that what had be-fallen him was simply - one of lifes tests. He became to realise that the outward and inward manifestations of the people and things around him were no longer a burden to him. He became to realise that his own body and mind were no longer a burden to him and that what he was, was something other than his personality, ego, body or senses. He realised that no internal or external condition could ever affect him (unless he wanted them too) and that he was no longer vulnerable to the outer layers beyond his soul.

Harry was free. Free to see the world with total objectivity.

Total Clarity!

Free, yet equiped with the mind that can see and sense vulnerability from every perspective!

Free to safeguard our nation and free to someday take up a senior position with one of the most prestigious organisations in the world.

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