Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Brand Investment: Why would you share your children (brand ideas) with Dragons?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If i said to you, come into the Dragons Den and bring all your children with you - would you?

Would you trust Dragons with your children? Would you trust their intentions were to take and nurture your children, or would you think - perhaps they might simply want to grab them and then rip them apart?

Perhaps you might think that they would love your children. That they might see something in your children, something that they could nurture and grow into stronger, healthier adults. Or perhaps they might think "well, we're onto to a good thing here". "The parent is stupid, but we know she is so desparate for recognition for her good parenting that she would share her children with the worst kinds of abusers". "Dragons!"

"Cackle and hack, cackle and hack" - the Dragons laughed, cackled and hacked. They cackled and hacked all the way through the dance given by their prey, who were putting everything on the line to please them. Thinking that the Dragons were daddy or mummy and that they too would share the burden of love for their children and share in the fruits and the responsibilty for their upbringing. But twisting and turning the Dragons cackled and hacked at the parents, trying desparately to discard the parents, along with the parents belief in their children.

"Why oh why, do you believe in these flawed children", they ask?

Frightened and spitting the Dragons say, "it's my money, i made it, its for my children". "Why should i give you any of this hard earned zillion quid to help your children?" "Its my money!" Until finally the predator and the prey run away from each other and the children are never seen again.

Watch out for Abuser Dragons, just in case they invite you and your children into their lair.

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