Sunday, 22 July 2007

Cypher Whalers decides on new Patent System

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
An international group going by the name of "The Cypher Whalers" have confirmed that they are to set-up a new patent system for those who prefer not to abide by the current patent system legislation.

A database is being designed to record new patent requests, in order to protect the rights of patent holders. A spokesmen for "The Cypher Whalers" said...."look it isn't our subscribers fault that they weren't born when their forefathers were patenting ideas". " We believe that as soon as the original patent holder dies, the patent should be thrust into the public domain again".

"The current system goes against the spirit of invention - so we decided to create a completely new patent system".

Friday, 20 July 2007

Scientists invent GREEN food that cooks itself! Fact or Internet Fiction?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
A group of scientists in a Florida have claimed they have invented a low energy polymer which once injected into food, cooks it from the inside. Apparently six of the scientists dined on a three course meal at the weekend which was cooked entirely by using the cunning formula. The scientists intend to launch a website soon where they will sell 100 polymer pellets for $5.00. Their site will feature a full length video of how a sausage can be cooked in 10 minutes, once injected with a polymer pellet. This patented technology has enormous applications in other areas of science, not to mention potential reduction in green house gases when consumers stop using ovens, barbecues and microwaves.

Now that's real innovation!